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Connecting with family and friends is what it's all about.

Experiences that
make Memories

Think you know all there is to do in Waterloo? Think again! Build a new experience to share with family and friends.

Unique Flavors from around the world found right here in Waterloo

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Waterloo Urban Farmers Market

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Museum District

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Your City, Your Adventure

Why spend your days on the couch when you can get up and GoKart, paddle-board down the Cedar River, or play a round of Dek Hockey while an adoring crowd cheers you on?! Be the hero of your own adventure — no matter where the city takes you.

Eat, Love, Waterloo

Fill your plate with fresh, local food, lovingly served and prepared by your friends and neighbors.

Hit the snooze button

Take the night off and let someone else worry about the cooking and cleaning. Book a room downtown to explore the nightlife on foot. Or live it up in a suite at the casino.