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Let’s Pretend It’s Still Summer

As the back-to-school season settles in, it’s easy to feel like summer’s magic is fading away. However, don’t pack away those sun hats and swimsuits just yet! In Waterloo, the spirit of summer is alive and well, offering plenty of exciting activities to keep the season alive. Let’s take a look at some specific things you can do in Waterloo to make the most of the ongoing warmth, even as school kicks off.

  1. Splash Pads and Interactive Art: Just because school is in session doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some water & outdoor fun. Head to Waterloo Center for the Arts & Expo Plaza Amphitheatre for Mark’s Park Splash Pad for a refreshing and playful escape. Splash around, soak up the sun, and keep those summer vibes going strong. Also check out their interactive art and musical exhibits outside.  

  2. Biking Adventures: Waterloo boasts an extensive network of biking trails that are perfect for enjoying the touches of the incoming crisp fall air while keeping active. Grab your bike, invite some friends, and explore the many miles of bike trail or George Wyth State Park. The changing leaves and scenic views make for an unforgettable biking experience.

  3. Outdoor Concerts and Events: Summer nights are made for live music and outdoor entertainment. Waterloo hosts a variety of outdoor concerts, festivals, and events well into the fall. Keep an eye out for local performances in parks like Fridayloo or Riverloop Rhythms at the Amphitheater. We are all 

  4. Farmers’ Markets: Embrace the flavors of summer with visits to Waterloo’s farmers’ markets. Stock up on fresh produce, artisanal goods, and handmade crafts while supporting local businesses. The Downtown Waterloo Urban Farmers’ Market is still in full swing, allowing you to enjoy the vibrant community spirit of summer.

    5. Golfing Getaways: For those who enjoy a round of golf, Waterloo offers lush green courses that are perfect for a relaxing day outdoors. Gather your golfing buddies and hit the links at courses like South Hills Golf Course or Gates Park Golf Course. It’s a great way to enjoy the lingering warmth of the season.

While school may be back in session, Waterloo offers a plethora of activities that help extend the spirit of summer well into the fall. From splash pads and biking trails to outdoor concerts and farmers’ markets, the city provides endless opportunities to savor the joys of the season. So, grab your friends, family, or even just yourself, and make the most of the beautiful Waterloo weather before winter comes knocking.