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Try Pie: Baking and Bonding

Try Pie is a unique asset to the Cedar Valley community. This local bakery serves two purposes: creating great desserts and empowering teen girls. Try Pie is a social enterprise; a nonprofit that runs like a business to support a social cause. They have a bustling kitchen and storefront, baking and packaging pies in house.

Try Pie founders and young women themselves, Megan Tensen and Sarah Helleso wanted to bring together and empower a diverse group of girls. They also wanted to be able to offer teens a job, knowing that holding a job makes a positive impact on a teen’s future. They consulted with members in their community, made a plan and Try Pie was born.

Started in Orchard Hill Church’s kitchen with lots of love, the founders began their journey by employing local girls to bake and sell pies during high-demand seasons like Easter and Christmas. As demand for both pies, space, and non-seasonal hours increased, Tensen and Helleso realized they needed to expand. The teen employees helped the founders decide their next move – their very own kitchen and storefront in downtown Waterloo.

Try Pie continues to be a place where young women of the Cedar Valley can learn about themselves, each other, and their community while also strengthening their skills in business, finance, and faith. These young women are learning critical life and social skills while also creating and selling delicious pastries along the way. Empower young women and support a local business—try a pie from Try Pie today!