Show your love for your favorite local eatery

The hospitality industry—the smiling faces who add a bit of flavor to our community—has been especially hard hit by this unprecedented crisis. In these  times, we must all remember to be supportive of one another, to be diligent with our health and be safe. It is with that sentiment that we have compiled this list of Waterloo restaurants that are offering delivery, take-out, or have their drive-through still open.

Please grab your to-go order and share your support for these integral businesses as we all strive to support local.

When we come out on the other side of this crisis (which we will do!), we want to ensure that our small businesses who help tell our story are there with us, rebuilding our way of life.

Use #EatLoveWaterloo and post photos of your carryout or delivery meals to social media to show your support for our friends and neighbors who in the restaurant industry. Community is about standing up for our neighbors and friends when they need us the most. Buying lunch or dinner does more than fill your belly—it protects our community.