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Sculptures being made for RAGBRAI Waterloo

Victoria Reed says creating sculptures is part geometry and part imagination. From her studio in Maynard, Iowa, she is creating sculptures for the RAGBRAI entrance into downtown Waterloo for the July 28th event.  Over 10,000 cyclists will ride underneath these sculptures that will be mounted directly on Commercial Street. While her rendering (shown on right) is her initial concept, the exact final pieces may be slightly different.  “It’s really like pushing your boundaries and try something crazy and new. I would have probably never picked up bicycles, as an art material or medium on my own, but here I am like making something out of bikes. So, you know, it’s a challenge, keeps you on your toes.”

Reed grew up in Cedar Falls, and has several art pieces around the Cedar Valley, as well as around the state. “Public art is kind of the thing I do because I feel like art is for everybody.  Public art is really important in that manner. Having something to say to people and then communicating through art, and it’s just a beautiful thing, it’s a unique thing and I love doing it.”

After RAGBRAI is over, these sculptures will be moved to a permanent place on the bike trails in Waterloo. Waterloo Center for Arts Executive Director Kent Shankle says that “We wanted to create something substantive that really was a quality piece that people can enjoy after RAGBRAI ends and the riders leave”.

The public is invited to see Reed’s sculptures and join cyclists on July 28th downtown Waterloo. The River Loop Expo Plaza and the River Loop Amphitheater stages will have music beginning at 3pm. Line-ups will be announced May 27th.