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Mini Grant Application

Grading Criteria

Experience Waterloo, on behalf of the City of Waterloo, is accepting grant requests for event-related projects that will have a positive impact on the tourism industry in Waterloo.

The hotel-motel tax grants have been established to reach the following goals:

  1. Recognize and support events that have a significant economic impact on Waterloo. (35% of total score)
  2. Support organizations and activities that strengthen the perception of Waterloo. (35% of total score)
  3. Make impactful events possible with financial support from this process. (30% of total score)

Overall scores may be increased when an application demonstrates the following:

  • Support events that will utilize the Experience Waterloo booking engine.
  • New events or events that have significant changes from prior year’s event. 
    ** Grants meeting either of the above criteria will have scores increased by 10pts for each category

Applications should specifically show how the event brings visitors to Waterloo, both for this event, and in the longterm. Grants aren’t intended to provide long-term or operational support but are intended to support marketing and event efforts that help advance the above goals.

NOTE: You can use the Save & Continue button to come back and complete the form later, but keep in mind the link you receive to do so will expire after 30 days!