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Epic Finds

Mid-Century modern is alive in downtown Waterloo.

With furniture from the 1940s, ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, curator Greg Brown brings his unique eye from his shop to your living room in bold colors and textures. This great shop is filled with great, one-of-a-kind finds that have a story to tell. There are no reproductions, only originals—and that is what makes this store so special.

It’s all in the name—Epic Finds. Greg is a self-proclaimed “finder.” Each time you visit his store, he’ll have found something new. He’ll also likely have a story around every single item.

People love to go to Epic Finds just talk to Greg, too. He genuinely likes to meet you and ask you who you are. He takes the time to talk. And if you happen to also be shopping for something? Take a look around and feel free to touch and interact with each item. Greg wants you to do that as well. But he prides himself in the traditional shopping experience—the chance to talk, interact, and connect. You won’t get that with an online experience.

The true vibe of mid-century finds is a niche that Greg understands and gets excited about. “I like to use the term “rescue,” says Greg. “I find a piece of furniture that’s not totally perfect but it’s not totally gone, either. Sometimes it’s my responsibility to pull it out where people can see it and appreciate it. I’ve got a good eye for finding special mid-century pieces.”

Find your Epic Find and meet Greg, too.

West 4th and Jefferson Street, downtown Waterloo.
Check out this podcast from Epic Stories featuring a special find by Greg: