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Encourage your kids to explore art and culture

Interactive exhibits spark

creativity and fun!

At the Phelps Youth Pavilion, you’ll find an array of art and culture in the children’s museum. There are two levels of interactive exhibits with an emphasis on art. Your family won’t get bored with the wide variety of options.

  • Experience a taste of Haiti in Kinder Island, an area specially designed for infants and toddlers. Play the steel drums, ride a colorful Tap-Tap bus, and try digital finger painting.
  • Learn how growing up on a farm influenced Grant Wood’s artwork by visiting Grant’s Farm, where you can drive through one of his paintings and milk a life-size cow.
  • Imagine you are taking a trip in our amazing time machine to uncover the mysteries of the past in Art History Time Travel.
  • Create, explore, discover, play, and build in Art’s Workshop and the Artist’s Studio.
  • Pretend and be a star on the FunStage, complete with special lighting, backdrops, costumes, props, and puppets.
  • Discover the cultures of other countries by exploring their language, music, traditions, and artwork in the Creativity Across Cultures exhibit.
  • Explore hands-on architecture, construction, and design in the kid-size Construction Zone.

We’re sure that reading this list makes you smile because the variety of fun activities for kids that makes for a great time together.

More traditional exhibits are next door at the Waterloo Center for the Arts. The center collects Midwest Art, American Decorative Arts, International Folk Art, including a significant collection of Mexican Folk Art, and the World’s largest public collection of Haitian Art.