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Six Reasons to Swing by Singlespeed Brewery

How do you bring new life to an old Wonder Bread factory?

Put a brewery in it and serve great food in a relaxing atmosphere. Check out these six reasons you won’t want to miss SingleSpeed Brewing when you visit Waterloo.

1. Historic Preservation

SingleSpeed in located in the former Hostess Wonder Bread Bakery. Carefully preserved and renovated, the building still uses the original flooring and has repurposed the proofing room doors and parts of the original oven controls and conveyor belt. The building is LEED Certified and uses less energy and water.

2. Furniture With a Story

The wood for tables, benches, and bar stools may not be repurposed from the old factory; however it is repurposed from old ash trees cut down due to the Emerald Ash Borer. The construction of the 20-foot long communal tables in the beer hall and the 6-week installation is all thanks to the guys at Rovan Hand-Crafted Furniture (based in St. Paul, MN, with company founders originally from the Cedar Valley).

3. Bike-Friendly

From the moment you arrive it’s apparent that SingleSpeed is crazy about bikes—from the bike rim lighting fixtures to the bike rack (repurposed from the Wonder Bread conveyor belt), bike maintenance tools, and the bike trail map on the wall. Plus, every first and third Thursday of the month (through October), you can enjoy a leisurely ride to SingleSpeed for a bite to eat and a beverage or two. Thursday “Pint Night Rides” are not only fun, but FREE!

4. Events

Gathering people together is what SingleSpeed is all about. From live music to free tours, you’ll find reason after reason to visit SingleSpeed. Get a behind-the-scenes look at their operations and meet the team that brews the beer every Saturday at 2pm. Simply register online to secure a spot. Be sure to check out their events calendar too for a complete list of upcoming events, including YogaBrew and Crafts + Crafts (Craft Project + Craft Beer).

5. The Food

If the large open kitchen and massive stove weren’t impressive enough, the food that comes from them sure is! There are several “Wonder”ful things on the menu, including wings, flatbread pizzas, and the ever-popular Chicken & Waffles. Try the fan favorites or the new additions to the menu for an ever-changing experience.

6. The Beer

Of course, we can’t forget to talk about the beer! There are typically 13 unique beers on tap from IPAs to Sours, Stouts, Helles, Pils and more. Their brewmasters rotate the selection and include seasonal flavors so there’s always something new to try.