Veterans Way Honorees

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Banners honoring Veterans and members of the military proudly hang along 4th Street in downtown Waterloo from Memorial Day in the spring to Veterans Day in late fall.  Banners are sponsored annually by family members, friends, businesses and organizations and are presented to them at the end of the season, making room for a new group of honorees.   Find the location of each banner here. 

Charles Wesley “Carl” Chapman, Jr.

United States Army

Charles Wesley “Carl” Chapman, Jr. was born in Dubuque, Iowa on 28 December 1895. Carl attended West Waterloo, Iowa High School. On February 21, 1918, Carl was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in the Army Aviation Signal Corp during World War I. Carl was shot down near Toule France on May 3, 1918 . He was  awarded the posthumously France’s Croix de Guerre, with Palm, and  Distinguished Service Cross, and the Croix de Guerre. His remains are entombed at the Lafeyette Escadrille Memorial located near Paris France.

Arthur R. Kammeyer

United States Army

Arthur R. Kammeyer served in the United States Army for three years.

Arthur R. Holdiman

United States Army

Arthur R. Holdiman served in the United States Army for four years.

John W. (Bill) Sinnott


Bill Sinnott was a Rakkasan in the 187th Airborne in Korea and completed 37 jumps. When he returned to Waterloo, he began a 50+ year career in the insurance business, where he was joined by three of his sons. He died at age 85.
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